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Updated 12/08/2021:

Zamberlan USA has a resoling program whereby customers can have their Zamberlan boots resoled with original and exclusive Vibram outsoles directly from our cobbler network.

Please see our Help Center articles for detailed information on how to go about resoling your Zamberlan boots with original Vibram outsoles:

Getting Started
Available Outsoles & Models
Resoling FAQs

Cobbler's performing exclusive Zamberlan Vibram OEM resole work include:

Dave Page Cobbler
3509 Evanston Ave N
Seattle, WA 98103
t: 800.252.1229

Gary's Shoes
Cobbler Chris Jensen

126 N Main St
Richfield, UT 84701
t: 435-896-4931
f: 435-896-8022

Daub's Cobbler Shop
24 Canal St
Laconia, NH 03246
t: 603-528-1528

Please note, these cobbler's can resole the following Zamberlan exclusive outsoles and boot models:

  • 3D Outsole: 996 Vioz Ms* (Black/Red or Black/Beige), 996 Vioz Ws* (Black/Beige), 1996 Vioz Lux Ms & Ws* (Black/Red or Black/Beige)
  • 3D Camo Outsole: 1013 Leopard, 1014 Lynx Mid, 1015 Cougar High, 4014 Lynx Mid BOA
  • StarTrek Outsole: 760 Steep Men's, 960 Guide Men's**, 980 Outfitter Men's**
  • StarTrek II Outsole: 966 Saguaro, 971 Guide Lux, 981 Wasatch
  • Darwin Outsole: 1006 Vioz Plus**, 1012 Vioz Boot**, 1009 Vioz Top**, 1004 Hunter, 1005 Hunter Pro Evo, 1016 Lion**, 1017 Smilodon**
  • Mulaz Evo Outsole: (Spring '22) 2092 Mountain Trek
  • NorTrack Outsole: 1025 Tofane**, 1023 Latemar, 1030 Sella**
  • NorWalk Outsole: Z85 Gardena, 1032 Solda

* For models marked with one asterisk, please ensure you communicate the sole color to the cobbler BEFORE you start work on your resoling. For example, if you have a 996 Vioz M's boot you may require either the 3D Black/Beige (Brown) or Black/Red (Dark Grey) outsole depending on the color of the upper. Likewise, for the 1996 Vioz Lux M's boot, you may require either the 3D outsole in Black/Red (Waxed Black upper) or Brown/Beige (Waxed Brick upper).

** For models with a rubber rand, if you wish to have the 
rand replaced, you must ask your cobbler to special order the protective rubber rand component. These components are stocked by Zamberlan USA and can be shipped to our cobblers within 24 hours.

Other resoling options:
Customers seeking to have their boots resoled with 'open mold' outsoles (i.e. not OEM) can visit either Dave Page (above), Gary's Shoes (above), or Resole America (below). This would include outsoles like the Vibram Pillow outsole used on the 320 Trail Lite Evo for men and women or the Vibram Grivola on the 1007 Vioz Hike, as examples. These outsoles are generally also available through the cobblers listed on this page, who will procure them from Vibram. In these cases, please be specific with your cobbler in telling them which outsole you want on your boot, otherwise they will give you an outsole of their choice.

Resole America can be contacted using the information below:

Resole America
9402 Centerpoint Lane
Manassas, VA 20110

Zamberlan USA